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Markham Library and Village Green . 1981

This early project of 1981 was an 18,000 sq.ft. library on a derelict site in the Village of Markham.† The library and attached park development was a catalyst to the stabilization and reincarnation of the Village of Markham, threatened by large box stores and shopping malls draining its economic life.† Now, the Village has come back to life and achieved Heritage Conservation District status.

Another aspect of this library worthy of mention is that it was designed with energy conservation in mind.† These were the early days in the exploration of sustainable buildings, but much was achieved.† The south wall, with sun shading, is also a large solar collector; a high performance shell, particularly as applied to the roof, reduces heat loss and heat gain.† Natural day lighting and opening windows are also part of this sustainable package.

Governor Generalís Medal in Architecture


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